Discover Garda on Bike
freedom and light-heartedness!

We explore Lake Garda by bicycle through routes suitable for everyone, mainly on cycle paths, Morainic paths, and single tracks in the Gardesano hinterland.

Discover Garda on Bike


The mission of DISCOVER GARDA ON BIKE is to encourage and promote the use of the bicycle thus reducing the environmental impact and lets you experience unique and unforgettable emotions through the Morainic Hills and hills that characterize the largest lake in Italy.

“Far from chaotic roads that accompany us in everyday life”

DISCOVER GARDA ON BIKE will accompany you in complete safety
with the support of certified cycling guides.


The routes offered are “All inclusive Experience” or include everything necessary to give you an unforgettable experience through history, food, and wine that has always been a distinguishing feature of the Gardesano territory.

Discover Garda on BikeDiscover Garda on BikeDiscover Garda on BikeDiscover Garda on Bike
Tour cost per hour:
€ 15,00
€ 10,00

We strongly believe in our territory and in the people who work every day to keep it intact in nature; which offers high quality products such as wine like Lugana DOC. Groppello DOC. - Chiaretto del Garda DOC - as well as Oil Garda DOP - Lemons and Capers of Garda.

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