Tour information

In this fantastic Tour starting from Desenzano D/G iding our bikes we initially travel an asphalted road with lake view for then head inland through the gentle Morainic Hills passing through the Abbey of Maguzzano, the medieval villages and castles located in the municipalities of Valtenesi.
The tour continues in the direction of Polpenazze del Garda.
During the journey we will immerse ourselves in unspoiled nature among small villages, vineyards and olive groves where we can meet special people who with continuous dedication and love for the territory accompany nature to produce high quality wine and oil recognized worldwide.
We will skirt the Palafitticolo “Lago Lucone” site, a UNESCO heritage site dating back to the Bronze Age.
The way back is characterized by a series of gentle climbs and descents on particularly fun paths that run alongside the site and take us calmly to Desenzano Del Garda for the end of the Tour.




40 km


600 m


600 m



Tour Duration:

5 h


per hour

  1. START POINT PIAZZA MATTEOTTI DESENZANO D / G departure In front of boats at 9:00
  2. Compilation of participant forms and bike delivery
  3. Travel to MAGUZZANO
  5. Travel to SOIANO
  7. Visit site of dwelling "LAKE LUCONE"
  8. Return journey
  9. END OF TOUR HOUR 14:00

What the tour includes?

  1. MTB GUIDE ENABLED – Tour Leader.
  3. PROFESSIONAL ELECTRIC BICYCLE ASSISTANCE – the model may vary depending on the type of route
  4. COMPULSORY HELMET - included in the service
  5. BACKPACK WITH REPAIR KIT – 1 backpack every 2 bikes
  6. LUNCHES AND TASTINGS - They must be booked in time separately and must be paid directly on the spot.
  7. RC INSURANCE Available cost € 5.00 - It includes accidents for those who sign it.
  8. EXCLUDED: all that is not mentioned

What to bring on tours?

PROTECTIVE HELMET: even if in Italy it is not mandatory to use a protective helmet to ride bicycles but we strongly recommend wearing it and it is mandatory during the tours and is INCLUDED IN THE SERVICE.

WATER: bring enough water with you, preferably in a refillable bottle to be filled during the journey.

SNACKS NUTRITION: very important when you are on paths far from home, during our tours you have to face the Morainic Hills, you may feel a little tired, so it’s better to recharge with a quick snack!

SUNGLASSES: We recommend the use of sunglasses to avoid any problems (branches, insects or other foreign bodies) that could jeopardize the smooth running of the tour.

COMFORTABLE CLOTHING: We strongly recommend the use of comfortable clothing, better to wear breathable fabric. The routes vary from sunny areas to shaded areas where on less hot days, especially in spring or in the evening, temperatures could vary a lot.

K-WAY: * better be ready for anything! you could leave on a little sunny day and meet a small storm, so it’s always better to be equipped!During visits to cellars, mills or trattorias the temperatures between inside and outside vary greatly and the body could be affected!

SCREEN FOR THE NECK: During windy days it is recommended to cover the throat and the neck especially if sweaty.

BACKPACK: better to have a comfortable backpack that is not too bulky to carry the necessities during the tour and make some good memories!

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